How You Can Become Part of the ReBorn Brotherhood

Get the Guidance, Mentorship and Community you need in order to rebuild that brand new life that you’ve been craving.

Can I really create a brand new life?

A question asked by many who may feel skeptical.  The answer is simple…

Only if you want to.

I would love to tell you that this brotherhood would work for all women, but the reality is that it won’t.  The only men this community and group coaching will work for are those men around the world who are truly ready to not only defeat their past trauma… but to transform their lives afterwards as well.

"You Can't Be Brave If You've Only Had Wonderful Things Happen To You."

- Mary Tyler Moore

Here’s the truth…

My advice, guidance and mentorship combined with the fact that you will be surrounded with other powerful men on the same path of redemption, transformation and re-creation is not going to be enough.  The end result of being in this community is going to ultimately depend on your resilience and dedication to going through your ReBirth.

What is being "ReBorn" in my eyes...

Being “ReBorn” is not tied to any religion or belief system.  While having faith in something is an important part of the process, even if that means just having faith in yourself, it’s not the driving factor.

Being reborn is NOT just about surviving your past, coping with your emotions or managing your expectations.

ReBirth is about starting all the way over again, like the Phoenix from greek mythology.  The Phoenix is a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates (or is born again out of the ashes of it’s predecessor) .  This means a new bird arises out of the ashes of the dead one.

Too many make forgiveness sound simple, but when you experience trauma that has resulted in a long-term negative effect on your life… simply saying “I forgive you” is not enough.  Being reborn isn’t just about forgiving, it’s about burning your past into a pile of ashes and allowing your new self to rise out of the ashes ready to be molded into whatever you want it to be.

What is the Process of "ReBirth"?

It’s a four step process that I will be walking this entire community through.  Those four steps are:

  • Intention
    Figuring out what not forgiving is preventing you from accomplishing in your life.
  • Confrontation
    Confronting the memories along with your own mistakes and finding a way to understand.
  • Absolution
    Absolving both your attacker and yourself from the pain and memories you’ve been holding onto.
  • Transformation
    Truly molding and rebuilding your life into what ever you’ve always dreamed it would be.

The 3 Traits You Need

There are only 3 traits that you need in order for this Brotherhood to work for you…


The only way for the program to work for you is if you have an open mind to trying new things you may have never tried before and be willing to shift your perspective. A peaceful mind can be taught, an open mind is something you either have or you don't. It's important to come in willing and able to shift the way you view and process different types of scenarios and situations.


I know, someone has hurt you and it's caused a lot of pain in your life. Trust me, I definitely get it. However, the only way to be reborn is to allow your past to pass away. Allow your memories to fade. While you may be angry now, you just have to be willing to fight that anger with peace and be willing to open your heart in order to find true relief.


Being reborn is similar to giving birth, just a lot less physical pain and a lot more emotional pain. When a woman births a child it's the most amount of pain she'll ever experience in her life physically. However, the pain is temporary and the end result is the gift of a beautiful child. This birth is similar... You have to hold onto your passion and dedication to overcome the pain of being reborn.

Here's What You'll Get In The Brotherhood:

This weekly mentorship community provides you with the necessary tools and support that you need to completely rebuild your life from the ground up.


I will be right beside you every week walking you through a similar process to mine that was able to help me not only forgive but completely transform my life.  


Surround yourself with men from all walks of life around the world that are on the same path as you.  Support each other as each of you goes through your own journey, but as a team.

Inner Growth

Get the training and support you need in order to create true inner growth after overcoming all of the adversity you’ve been forced to face.

Let's Break It Down...

Here’s a list of the activities that you’ll be doing inside of this Brotherhood on a weekly basis.
Weekly Live Training
Every week I’ll do a live Facebook Video in our secret Facebook group.  Don’t worry, no one besides other group members will know you’re in there.
Accountability Partners
Get unlimited support from all the other brothers in the community who are on the same path.  Share stories, ask for help and give support to your brothers.
Unlimited Training Replays
If you ever miss a live training, that’s okay. All of the videos are saved so you can go back and watch them any time you want to. Do this on your own time, no pressure.
Guided Meditations
Every week I will also provide you with guided meditations to help you find your inner peace through breathing and focus. Some times true clarity comes from complete silence

Ready To Join?

After reading all of this, do you feel like this Brotherhood is right for you?  If so, I’ve made a promise to myself.  That promise is that greed will no longer play a role in my life.  This was part of my own transformation.  So, as part of that transformation I’ve decided to keep this community MORE than affordable.  It’s cheaper than Netflix with a much better end result.

Monthly Membership

Annual Membership

$5 USD per Month

Cancel any time, no contract.

Ready to join the Brotherhood?

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$50 USD per Year

Pay for a full year, get 2 months FREE

Ready to join the Brotherhood?

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Cancel any time guarantee

I created this Brotherhood to help people, not hurt them.  If anything ever comes up in life where you can no longer be part of the community it’s no problem at all.  Just send us a message and we’ll cancel your membership immediately.  I am here to help those ready to move forward, so I will never put you in a position of commitment for anything you’re not ready to commit to.

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