Ep 003: Weathering the Storm

Ep 003: Weathering the Storm

So let’s see how long this Live will stay. I don’t know if you can tell behind me, but there is a very big storm rolling in right now. I’m not sure how well you can even hear me, the wind is blowing pretty good. This is the storm that’s coming in right here. And it looks lighter on the film, but it’s really dark back here. And it’s lightning, big thunder, a severe thunderstorm.

And as I’m out here, I’m looking at this storm that’s coming in behind me, it makes me think, when these happen in our lives, oftentimes it’s not one thing goes wrong right? It’s when one thing goes wrong, another one goes wrong, and then another one, and then another one. So it’s like watching this storm come in right now. When things go wrong in our life, it’s like we’re just watching as the storm goes in. But what a lot of us do is we’ll just stay outside, right? I’m under a covered porch right now, but this is what most people do. They will sit here and watch as the storm comes in and stay out inside of it, and just let it beat them up.

And that’s what I did for the longest time is I would allow these storms to just beat me up. I would stand outside and just allow the hail to hit me, the tornadoes to go around me, and I never did anything to solve that problem, right? So this is what life is. But you know what’s going to happen is this storm is going to come through, it’s going to be bad, it’s going to be loud, it’s going to scare my kids. I may even be intimidated at points. And then, you know what’s going to happen tomorrow? I’m going to wake up and it’s going to be completely sunny, as if it never happened.

So this storm rolling in right now is like a sign of what happens in our life. We watch as these storms roll in, and every time something bad happens, it’s never that one thing, right? How many times has just one bad thing happened in your life? How many times has one bad thing led to another, led to another, led to another, to the point to where you almost just have to laugh because there’s nothing that you can do at the point where you’re just like, “It can’t get any worse than this.”

So as you watch the storm roll in behind me, understand that this is what life is, in my eyes, watching a storm, like my storm that I’m about to face is going to forgive my mother at prison, where I’m going to walk 100 miles to go forgive her. I’m really going to ruck march all the way up to Gatesville, Texas, which is over 100 miles away, over three days, to go forgive her. And that’s my storm. That’s what this is to me, right? It is the storm that I have to weather, the storm I have to walk through to get to the other side, because all we see right here in this storm, if you look right there, you don’t see any light. You see lightning, but you don’t see any sunshine behind that.

But you know what’s crazy is, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. On the other side of these clouds, on the other sides of this storm, there is light, there is sunshine, there is peace, there is serenity. But all we see when we’re going through those hard times is this. All we see is that darkness, the lightning, the thunder. We don’t see the fact that if we just get through that storm, if we allow the storm to hit us, as soon as we get through it, if we weather it, if we make it past it, on the other side of there is just sunlight. It’s just peace. It’s serenity. It’s happiness. But we’ve got to walk into that lightning. You see that? We got to walk into that. We can’t be scared of that. We have to allow the storm to happen and get through it. That is how I’m looking at my life. That is how I’m looking at the things that I have to accomplish.

The question is, are you willing to walk into that lightning? Are you willing to face that storm instead of going and hiding? Hey, Lisa. Finally I see someone come in here and leave a comment. Good to see you, Lisa. So this is the storm that is coming up behind me. And that is what life is. If we just look at, we realize that on the other side of that storm, on the other side of that lightning and that thunder and the fear and how scary this storm is going to be, is complete sunshine, right? But we don’t see it, because all we see is tree line and dark clouds and lightning, right? Which just makes us want to do what? We want to go inside the house. We don’t think about the fact that right here, over my 18 acres, is a dark, dark storm, but if I could just get through that storm to the other side, I can find light, I can find peace, I can find happiness, I can find calmness.

All right, everybody. Thank you Becky, I appreciate that. Becky says, “Super proud. You can do it.” I’m going to do it with a smile [inaudible 00:04:30]. All right, everybody, so, again, we are doing a challenge. Lisa says I inspire her. Thank you, Lisa. So guys, with this storm coming in behind me, we are getting ready to do a challenge. I’m calling it the Life Remade Challenge. It’s a 30-day challenge where you come out … you go online, and during those 30 days, you are going to go, every single day we are going to do a step to facing this storm, a step to overcoming this storm, a step to getting on the other side of that lightning towards the sunshine.

And so, if you want to join that challenge, guys, I do charge for it, but it’s a challenge that we all do together. And I would really love for every single one of you that are facing this storm right now to do it with me. So if you want to be  part of the challenge, let me know, leave a comment, I’ll get you in.

All right, guys, I’ll see you all later. Let me get inside while this storm hits.

Andrew O'Brien

Since 2013, Andrew has traveled all over the world sharing his story. Everywhere from college campuses, military bases and even making it to the White House. He not only experienced a lot of trauma but was able to actually overcome it all and create a better life. He wanted to share his story with the world so it would give them not only hope that things will get better but also the motivation to take action and make things better for themselves.

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